Written by Vera Coetsee, Health and Nutrition Coach

14 August 2023

Hair loss is a common and often distressing condition that affects both men and women worldwide. Whether it is due to genetics, hormonal changes, or other underlying factors, losing hair can have a significant impact on one’s self-esteem and overall well-being. 

Before we discuss treatments available to help stimulate hair growth, let’s look at tips you can incorporate daily to boost healthy hair growth.

  1. Maintain a balanced diet: Ensure that you are getting all the essential nutrients including protein, vitamins, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids. Include foods such as eggs, fish, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet.
  2. Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your hair and scalp hydrated. Dehydration can lead to dry and brittle hair.
  3. Avoid heat styling: Excessive heat from styling tools such as straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers can damage your hair and hinder its growth.
  4. Be gentle while washing and brushing: Use a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner to prevent stripping your hair of its natural oils. When brushing, start from the ends and work your way up to avoid pulling and breaking your hair.
  5. Massage your scalp: Regularly massaging your scalp can stimulate blood flow and promote hair growth.
  6. Protect your hair from the sun: Exposure to UV rays can weaken your hair and cause damage. Protect your hair by wearing a hat or using a hair product with SPF when spending time in the sun.
  7. Avoid excessive chemical treatments: Frequent use of chemical treatments like colouring, perming, or relaxing can weaken your hair and hinder its growth.
  8. Reduce stress: High levels of stress can contribute to hair loss and hinder hair growth. Practice stress management techniques like exercise, meditation, deep breathing, or engaging in hobbies to reduce stress levels.


Learn more about the treatments available to boost hair growth here.

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