Medical Health Services

Family Health Services

Our clinic takes a nutritional and preventative approach to managing you and your family’s health. Our doctors are trained in Family Medicine but also takes a holistic approach to look at the root cause of any health issues. Our Family Health services include:

Comprehensive Preventative Health Screening

Our comprehensive health screening panels are designed for the health needs for different age groups. The panels include checking for:

Taking a holistic approach, our doctor works with you to optimise your diet, lifestyle and nutrient intake to enhance your health and longevity.

Nutrient Deficiency Screening

Our comprehensive cellular nutrient screening includes checking for vitamins, minerals, amino acids deficiencies in the body. This allows a more targeted approach to supplementing your body with the right nutrients that it needs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to supplementation.

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Hormonal Health - Men and Women

We offer unique screening panels for screening hormonal deficiencies for both men and women. Our hormone  programs offer a holistic approach to managing male and females hormonal issues for example, menopause, andropause, thyroid hormone disorders, female hormonal imbalances etc

Gut Health

We offer a holistic and functional approach to managing gut issues like irritable bowel syndrome, chronic diarrhoea and constipation, digestive issues and leaky gut etc. The gut is also linked to mood disorders, brain dysfunction, allergies and autoimmunity, and our team of holistic practitioners will work to rebalance the gut as part of the treatment protocols for other conditions.

Sleep, Mood Disorder, Stress

Sleep and stress problems are common issues affecting city dwellers. Our team offers a holistic approach to target stress management, rebalancing mood disorders, neurotransmitters and hormones which help treat the root cause of sleep problems rather than relying on sleeping pills.

Brain Neurodegeneration, Brain Fog

Neurodegenrative brain conditions like Parkinson’s disease and Alzhemier’s disease are usually associated with toxins overload and mitochondria disorders in the brain. Our holistic approach includes enhancing mitochondria nutrient intake, detoxification of toxins from the body and therapies that enhance mitochondria function to strengthen brain function.

Fertility Health, Pregnancy and Postnatal Health Support

Our unique approach combines acupuncture, genomics and hormone rebalancing to improve the chance of conception. We also work in a holistic manner to complement obstetric care during pregnancy and postnatally with nutrition and osteopathic support.

Anti-Aging and Longevity Medicine

Our anti-aging programs work at optimizing declining hormones and using evidence based nutraceuticals to enhance cellular mitochondria function that declines with age. Our goal is to enhance ageing by optimising cellular energy and antioxidants and achieve hormonal balance.

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Regenerative Aesthetics + Hair Programs

Externally, our unique regenerative hair and skin programs work to regenerate ageing hair follicles and skin collagen to help reverse the effects of ageing.

Heavy Metals and Mold Detoxification

Heavy metals and mould can often cause toxic effects on the body like chronic fatigue and brain fog. Our unique heavy metals and mould detoxification programs start with screening for toxic load in the body. Then, with a targeted approach, using nutrients to enhance liver and gut detoxification coupled with antioxidants therapy to reduce the oxidative stress and enhance cellular function.

Integrative Heart and Metabolism Management

Our holistic approach uses diet and lifestyle modifications plus targeted nutraceuticals to maintain optimal metabolism and support cardiovascular health. Our preventative approach  uses nutrients to optimize organ function and metabolism. 

Weight Management

Our doctor designed weight management programs helps screen for the common metabolic and hormonal causes of weight gain. Using detoxification with nutritional change and targeted nutracueticals to enhance metabolism, we help patients achieve long lasting weight loss and feel more optimal. 

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Autoimmune Issues, Allergies and Immune Health

Autoimmunity and allergies can be triggered by environmental toxins, food allergens and poor gut health. We use a functional approach to detoxify the body, remove food allergens and improve gut health to optimize immune function.