Restore Medispa & Aesthetics

Restore Medispa & Aesthetics

At Restore Integrative Medicine Clinic, we offer a range of regenerative aesthetics services to help the skin and hair with age management. Regenerative aesthetics refers to the application of regenerative medicine principles in aesthetic treatments, products and services. With regenerative medicine we harness and manage the body’s own natural potential to repair, restore and rejuvenate damaged or ageing cells and structures to a more healthy and youthful state. Our unique regenerative hair and skin programs work to regenerate ageing hair follicles and skin collagen to help reverse the effects of ageing. 

Our professional Face and Neck Massage Therapist offers an organic facial that helps to rejuvenate and restore the skin. Using exclusive products formulated with the finest organic and natural ingredients, the facial provides you with a deep-cleanse and nourishes your skin with key nutrients needed for an immediate radiance boost. Benefits of our organic facial includes improving skin texture, the overall health of the skin and circulation, reducing the appearance of large pores, stimulating blood flow, and providing a time to relax and rewind.  Our specialised facials include anti-ageing and acne facials.

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Holistic Approach to Skin Health

Written by Vera Coetsee, Health and Nutrition Coach

12 January 2023

Our skin is our first visual representation of our overall health and well-being, and looking at your skin can give you an indication of what is going on inside your body. Skin health also reflects our age, how much sleep we get, and what our diet looks like. As the largest organ of our body, it acts as a shield against the external environment and protects us from harmful infections and chemicals. It helps regulate your body temperature, acts as a filler against natural elements, excretes oil and waste, and is responsible for our ability to feel physical sensations. Taking these factors into account, it goes without saying, the importance of taking care of this vital organ is an integral part of staying healthy and living well.

Factors such as poor diet, age, stress and a lack of good skin care regime can put a major strain on our skin health. The good news is that you can achieve radiant and healthy skin without having to take drastic measures. Making simple lifestyle changes and establishing a proper skincare routine can do wonders for your skin health. Focussing on both your internal and external environment will provide your body with the right nutrients and resources to stay healthy and glowing.

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