About Us

Who We Are

Restore Integrative Medical Clinic is a center of integrative health professionals. We combine conventional and complementary medicine to help restore the body to optimal health. We work as a team to find the root causes of underlying health issues, then using combination therapies to help remove toxins, restore the gut, and achieving hormonal and metabolic balance.

Coordinated Care:

The body works optimally when there is proper nutrition and lifestyle, having a healthy mind, and achieved good physical balance. Our team of integrative health professionals ranging from nutritionist, counsellors, physiotherapist, acupuncturist to bioresonance practitioners work together in coordinated care to help the body to achieve optimal healing. Our experience with patients has shown that this synergy of various forms of healing can help magnify the impact of individual modality of treatment effects.

Integrative Medicine Trained Medical Doctors:

Our team includes holistic GPs who are conventional and functional medicine trained. They are well equipped to combine their background of conventional medicine training with genetics, biochemistry, physiology, nutrition and their knoweldge of nutracueticals to uncover the underlying root cause of diseases and to restore the body to more optimal health. Working as a team with other complementary health providers, they help enhance the body’s opportunities for healing.

Vision and Mission Statement

Our team is formed by a group of experienced integrative healthcare professionals who are each well established in their own field of practice. We are also a team of health professionals who believe strongly in providing top-notch service with a holistic approach. 

Our vision is to be an integrative medical clinic in Hong Kong that provides excellent medical and complementary care services and serving patients with a heart.