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Restore Integrative Medical Clinic is a functional medicine clinic in Hong Kong and a center of integrative health professionals. We combine the best of conventional and complementary medicine to help restore the body to optimal health. We work as a team to find the root causes of underlying health issues, then using combination therapies to help remove toxins, restore the gut, and achieving hormonal and metabolic balance.

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Coordinated care

The body works optimally when there is proper nutrition and lifestyle, having a healthy mind, and achieved good physical healing. Our team of integrative health professionals ranging from nutritionist, counsellors, physiotherapist, acupuncturist to bioresonance practitioners work together in coordinated care to help the body to achieve optimal healing. Our experience with patients has shown that this synergy of various forms of healing can help magnify the impact of individual modality of treatment effects.

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At the Restore Integrative Medical Clinic, we are passionate about your health and well-being in order to optimise your health outcomes.
Our team of like-minded practitioners collaborate and bring together their expertise to ensure they are looking at your health as the foundation of your wellness, longevity and quality of life.

Family Health Services

Our clinic takes a nutritional and preventative approach to managing you and your family's health.

Health Screening

Our comprehensive health screening panels are designed for the health needs for different age groups.

Nutrient Deficiency Screening

Our comprehensive cellular nutrient screening includes checking for vitamins, minerals, amino acids deficiencies in the body.

Gut Health

We offer a holistic and functional approach to managing gut issues like irritable bowel syndrome, chronic diarrhoea and constipation, digestive issues and leaky gut etc.

Fertility Health

Our unique approach combines acupuncture, genomics and hormone rebalancing to improve the chance of conception.

Weight Management

Our doctor designed weight management programs helps screen for the common metabolic and hormonal causes of weight gain.

Complementary Services

Our medical professionals and complementary health providers believe that combining different treatment modalities promotes greater healing and this is the future of healthcare. This coordinated care model allows the pracititoners to uncover the complex root cause of your health issue, and work in synergy to maximize healing outcomes.

At our clinic, we focus on using personalized nutrition plans to improve treatment outcomes.

Our acupuncturist integrates Oriental and Western healing techniques and specializes in facial acupuncture and energy healing for anti-aging and healing chronic medical conditions.

Our holistic physiotherapist combines traditional physiotherapy with craniosacral therapy and acupuncture to improve spinal and muscle alignment.

Whether you’re fighting a cold, struggling with chronic illness or experiencing pain, our integrative health professionals prioritise your health, so you always receive the highest level of care

Our Team

We Have Medical Staff
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Our team of integrated doctors and complementary medicine practitioners work together in a collaborative environment creating the opportunity for our patients to experience supportive healing. With a unique combination of practitioners working together, we fuse our knowledge to help you uncover and treat the diverse layers of disease.

Medical Doctor Dr Ho See Yunn

Dr. Ho See Yunn

Chief Doctor Functional & Integrative Medicine

Dr Ho is a Family Physician with more than 15 years’ experience. She is board certified in both Singapore and Hong Kong and received her specialization in Family Medicine from Singapore. Dr Ho holds a diploma from the New York Institute of Integrative Medicine in Integrative Health and Nutrition. She received her Advanced Fellowship in Functional and Nutritional medicine from the American Academy of Anti-ageing and Regenerative Medicine.  

Wendy Lam

Holistic Physiotherapist

Wendy is a professional Physiotherapist who has had extensive training in both Hong Kong and the United States. She has been practising in leading multidisciplinary clinics for over two decades, helping individuals and their families from both local and international communities. She integrates Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapy and Integrative Manual Therapy to facilitate optimum recovery and healing in her patients.  

Alastair Sherlock


Alastair is an Osteopath in Hong Kong with 15 years’ experience. Qualifying in 2008  from Oxford Brookes University medical faculty. Prior to this he was practising as a sports therapist and exercise physiologist. Alastair is passionate about finding the various predisposing and maintaining factors in a symptomatic condition so that a lasting outcome can be achieved preventing recurrence.


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