Restore Dental Amalgam Removal Protocol

Mercury fillings are the most commonly used cavity fillers, used for over 150 years. Also called “silver fillings”, they contain 50% mercury by weight, which is one of the most poisonous substances on the planet. Mercury may be the cause of harmful effects to the nervous, digestive, respiratory, immune system and to the kidneys. 

At Restore Integrative Medical Clinic, we work with dentists to help create safe removal of dental amalgam through a personalised detoxification protocol for you to ensure the heavy metals are removed from your body. Through IV therapy of antioxidants and medical chelation, we ensure direct delivery of  the antioxidants to the liver to help your body fight off oxidative stress from heavy metals.

Benefits of Vitamin C IV therapy

  • It’s a safe antioxidant for all ages and help to detoxify heavy metals such as mercury
  • It’s effective in treating the common cold
  • It can help maintain a proper level of blood sugar (glucose)
  • It promotes the integrity and strength of capillary walls and helps prevent a person from bruising easily


Benefits of Amalgam Removal

  • It will avoid further exposure to mercury
  • It will help replace silver fillings by natural looking composites that offer a more pleasing aesthetic
  • It protects your mouth and body from harmful chemicals


For more information about our Dental Amalgam Removal Protocol, please book an appointment to see our doctor or health coach for further advice.