Restore Signature 60-Day Weight Loss Program

Many factors come into play when it comes to unwanted weight gain. Our processed diets and sedentary lifestyles play a major role in fat storage. When we are fueling our body with empty calories, and not moving enough, our bodies don’t get the opportunity to burn fat, which leads to weight gain. A high-stress lifestyle, accompanied by a lack of sleep, increases our hunger hormone and cortisol, which can lead to cravings throughout the day. Hormonal imbalances between estrogen and testosterone, which happen during menopause and andropause, have also been proven to lead to more fat storage in the body.  If our thyroid gland is not working properly, our metabolism slows down, which decreases fat burning and makes it harder to lose weight. Insulin resistance, which is often not diagnosed, can cause glucose to be stored as fat, and lead to sugar cravings and unwanted weight gain. Inflammation caused by undetected food allergies may also be to blame for weight gain. 

With the Restore 60-Day Weight Loss Program, we test for each of these factors to determine the root cause of why you are struggling to lose weight. Once the root cause is determined, we set you up with success by providing you with the right tools to lose weight. We place a special focus on detoxification through diet, IV therapy, and infrared sauna, to support your liver and give your metabolism a boost, which will help increase fat burning. The supplement plan focuses on supporting detoxification, increasing fat burning, restoring the gut, providing stress relief, and balancing hormones. In addition, our health coach will provide you with weight loss meal planning, which will educate you on portion control and the essential micro and macro nutrients needed to support weight loss. Optional add-ons include functional tests, weight loss peptide injections, and TCM & Acupuncture Program.