On 22nd of February, we joined forces with FAMACY in Wong Chuk Hang to host our first live cooking demo workshop. The participants learned to make 4 flavoured plant-based milk which included almond blueberry milk, cashew strawberry milk, macadamia milk and pumpkin seed cacao milk. A nutritious bento box lunch was served and they learned more about alternative substitutes to dairy and why there is a raise in dairy sensitivities and allergies. Thank you to everyone for joining us.

Restore Integrative Medical Clinic is a functional medicine clinic in Hong Kong, where we combine the best of conventional and complementary medicine to help restore the body to optimal health. We work as a team to find the root causes of underlying health issues, then using combination therapies to help remove toxins, restore the gut, and achieve hormonal and metabolic balance.

FAMACY takes the healing power of unrefined, clean foods and uses it to make a change for the better. By being conscious of what we are putting in our bodies, and forming new habits, we can make a positive difference to both our health and the world around us.